Want to End TMJ & Face Pain? Eliminate Root Causes.

TMJ pain treatment has come along way in the last decade. Today, surgeries for TMD / TMJ pain conditions and face pain conditions are largely avoidable due to the advent of newer treatment protocols like neuromuscular rehabilitation.

If you suffer with chronic pain in your face or TMJ and jaw joint pain, you know that it can force you to make decisions you would not normally make. You may have to choose different foods that allow you to avoid chewing. You may at times even have to stop speaking to control the pain. This is no way to live!

A neuromuscular rehabilitation and treatment regimen delivered by Dr. Anzalone and staff at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center may solve your pain problems for good. Consider the pain-free possibilities!

CHMRC's TMJ Treatments & Face Pain Treatment

There are only a handful of neuromuscular dentistry practices in the U.S. that can offer these FDA-approved, proven technologies for TMJ pain relief and face pain relief. Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center is one of those practices, and Dr. Anzalone is committed to seeing each of his patients live pain-free lives. The following are some of the TMJ pain treatment protocols available at CHMRC:

Manual massage is a critical part of most CHMRC treatment plans for TMJ and face pain. Patients often have sub-dermal pockets of tension in the muscle tissue of the face — called trigger points — and rehabilitation of these sore and strained areas must happen for pain-free jaw and face function.

Manual massage is both comfortable and necessary for rehabilitating the muscles of the face and jaw, but it is also important to combine several other treatment modalities in most TMD / TMJ pain and face pain cases.

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) is a treatment modality used at CHMRC to deliver low-level electrical currents to the muscles. The Alpha-Stim device applies  a microcurrent with a unique waveform that acts on the bioelectricity of the body. CES can reduce pain frequency and intensity in and around the TMJs.

Electric stimulation carries with it several other major benefits. The electrical signals introduced to the musculature will significantly reduce muscle spasms and the tension and tightness that so often comes with them.  Referral pain to other muscles is also reduced, as the pain signals that are sent to your brain are altered.  Nerve stimulation is also encouraged with the use of CES.

Ultrasound relies on sound waves to treat the muscles in and around the jaw and facial areas.  There is no pain or noise and ultrasound application feels good.  Patients often say that receiving ultrasound treatment is gentle, warm, and akin to getting massaged.

Ultrasound technology has been found to be quite effective in treating both TMJ pain and facial pain. The sound waves penetrate the sore and stiff muscles to restore much needed circulation with increased blood flow.

Cold laser is also very beneficial and we use it at CHMRC to treat patients with chronic jaw pain and face pain. Cold laser allows the treatment specialist to break up knotty trigger points in the muscles to eliminate the soreness and stiffness that contribute to pain. Red light photons from the cold laser device acts on the hard and soft tissues to speed healing, as well as reduce jaw pain and facial muscle inflammation. It can also aid in the reconnecting of neurological pathways.

The benefit of using rehabilitation orthotics in TMJ treatments and face pain treatment cannot be overstated. A rehabilitation orthotic is a mouthpiece that alters the bite forces throughout the mouth and restores the muscles in and around the jaws and face to their best resting positions.

Whenever the neuromuscular forces of the mouth are disrupted, pain-free function is no longer possible without taking steps to correct them. Altering the resting positions of the muscles can help you restore the balance for the long-term. Dr. Anzalone uses rehabilitation orthotics to alter the muscle positions over the course of your TMJ treatment schedule. Once normal function is restored the rehabilitation orthotic will no longer be necessary. Use of the orthotic device in conjunction with the treatment modalities previously described can lead to a life free from TMD and facial pain once again!

Our TMJ Treatments Help You -- No Drugs, Surgery or PAIN

Most people have to change their personal habits when they have persistent TMJ pain, jaw problems and face pain. The have a hard time chewing, and therefore eating what they want. Now imagine all of the pain just GONE, and gone for good. Go ahead… bite into that apple!

Chronically suffering with TMJ pain and face pain may no longer be necessary for you, so why not get help? At CHMRC we offer patients viable alternatives that eliminate the need for invasive surgeries and pain killers — both of which can introduce an entirely new set of health risks that many feel just aren’t worth it.

Dr. Anzalone uses the latest TMJ treatment protocols to get you pain-free. Just imagine being able to eat whatever you desire, whenever you desire it, and living each day without TMJ or face pain.  Are YOU ready?

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