Getting a comprehensive TMD / TMJ diagnosis or face pain diagnosis at the Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center is a prudent choice if you seek long-term TMJ pain relief or face pain relief.

Every patient we examine and diagnose for TMJ pain and face pain is unique. The root causes of your face pain or TMJ pain are often different from patient to patient but our approach is effective at pinpointing a wide variety of neuromuscular force issues involved in TMJ pain and orofacial pain.

The in-depth diagnostic techniques we employ here at CHMRC are only available through select providers specifically, trained and experienced neuromuscular dentists.

Exposing Root Causes for TMJ Pain & Face Pain at CHMRC

At Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center we use a variety of procedures to get to the root causes of your TMD / TMJ or face pain:

When traumatic events occur in life it can sometimes lead to the proliferation pain conditions like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). Injuries to the face, head or jaw can lead to the condition and so can poorly executed dental work.

Dr. Anzalone will thoroughly review your past and present health and look for incidents like this. It is often the case that traumatic events correlate to when the TMJ pain manifestations began. The goal is always to identify the neuromuscular force imbalances that so frequently contribute to the pain, and your health history tells an important story.

At Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center we often see patients who report severe headaches and migraines in addition to face pain and TMD or TMJ pain. In no way does this surprise us because we have come to understand just how frequently headaches or migraines go hand-in-hand with jaw problems.

Dr. Anzalone will carefully explore any possible link that exists between headaches or migraines and your TMJ problems because we have the ability to create customized TMJ treatment plans, that can eliminate the root causes for both conditions.

Bite Force Analysis is an incredibly powerful diagnostic technique we use to explore the relationships of the forces at work inside you. The forces we are primarily concerned with reside in your TMJs, your face, your teeth, and in your mouth. When these neuromuscular forces are not working harmoniously with each other there can be pain — sometimes excruciating pain.

CHMRC uses this technology to precisely measure the force distributions on a tooth-by-tooth basis. Doing so can uncover the root causes of numerous pain conditions and explain them in a way that leads to effective TMJ treatment and face pain treatment protocols.

If a patient experiences pain in the temporomandibular joints or in the face then there can be only one conclusion — there is a problem with the delicate balance of neuromuscular forces that must be exposed and measured. One of the things we do here at CHMRC to measure dysfunction in the Stomatognathic System (i.e., the jaw and all connected surrounding structures) is called range-of-motion testing.

When there are limitations to the head and neck range of motion, the degree to which that range is impaired needs to be measured to better select treatment protocols and to monitor rehabilitation progress over time.

We find almost invariably that soreness and stiffness in the jaw and facial musculature is commonplace wherever TMJ pain and/or orofacial pain conditions persist. There are associated ‘trigger points’ that must be identified and treated accordingly to manage the pain and rehabilitate the musculature.

You can think of trigger points as knotty areas of muscle tissue in the head, neck, face, and even the shoulders that cause tension and pain. The knots that can form quickly or take a long time to develop. Dr. Anzalone will palpate your muscles when he examines you and this will help him locate your trigger points so they can be worked on during treatment sessions.

Many healthcare practitioners target the symptoms of TMJ and face pain to provide some temporary relief, but Dr. Anzalone of the Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center focuses on the root causes for TMJ and face pain … so they can be resolved once and for all.

Headache treatment and migraine treatments at CHMRC may be the answer.

Treatment for TMD / TMJ Pain & Orofacial Pain

Thorough diagnosis at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center is the beginning. The goal is to assign the best TMD / TMJ & face pain treatments to produce lasting, even permanent results.