About TMD / TMJ Pain & What It Does To You

TMJ pain — also known as Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD — is characterized by pain in the jaw joints and surrounding soft tissues. The TMJs connect the mandible (lower jaw) to your temporal bone near your ear. The muscles in this area of the face control chewing and facial movement. TMJ pain can be caused by a variety of problems including neuromuscular force imbalances that develop over time and progressively damage the joint sockets and muscle tissues surrounding the jaws.

Problems in the jaw joints and surrounding muscles can reduce range of motion, cause muscle stiffness and fatigue, and certainly pain. Severe TMJ pain can even change your habits, forcing you to abandon foods that require a lot of chewing.

Nevertheless, TMJ pain relief and face pain relief is achievable — we can help.

Will TMJ Pain Go Away? Do I Need Surgery? What About Face Pain?

TMJ pain is not likely to go away on its own, but NO you probably do not need surgery to get lasting TMJ pain relief or a resolution to orofacial pain. Some may need it when the damage is truly severe, but TMJ treatment protocols are now available that allow many to avoid invasive procedures. Face pain conditions may also be solved via neuromuscular rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, most medical doctors do NOT have the knowledge, training, or experience to end TMJ / TMD pain or face pain without invasive procedures and prescription drugs — and for most people there ARE better options.

At the CHMRC we offer more attractive solutions for handling TMJ pain and face pain that avoid using drugs and scalpels. However, a proper TMJ diagnosis or face pain diagnosis by Dr. Anzalone is critical to selecting the right treatments.

We know so much more now about TMJ pain, its root causes, and most importantly how to employ TMJ treatments that DON'T rely on medication or surgery.

Imagine having the freedom to eat what you want, chew gum again, and open your mouth without excruciating pain that takes your breath away.

If there's no need to live with constant TMJ pain or face pain, why wait until it gets worse?

Get diagnosed.

Be treated.


TMJ diagnosis at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center can reveal the root causes for pain.

TMD / TMJ & Face Pain Diagnosis

Receiving a comprehensive face pain or TMJ diagnosis at the Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center is the first step on the road to wellness. Thorough examination will reveal if neuromuscular rehabilitation is appropriate for your unique TMJ or face pain condition.

THJ treatments at CHMRC are painless and actually feel pleasant and peaceful.

TMD / TMJ & Face Pain Treatment

If examination reveals that you are a strong candidate for our neuromuscular rehabilitation protocols then Dr. Anzalone can assign the appropriate face pain treatment or TMJ treatment plan to get you pain free. Our treatments target the root causes for pain.