A Fresh Approach to Tinnitus Diagnosis

Those seeking answers for recurrent or chronic tinnitus symptoms often find that their general practitioner has no answers and must refer you to a specialist. But what happens when specialists also cannot provide you with an explanation?

Tinnitus conditions are difficult to get a grip on because there is a real lack of understanding in the medical community. Possible tinnitus causes are so numerous that it actually makes sense why most providers don’t know how to treat a tinnitus patient.  The cause is often unknown.

If you’ve been diagnosed and/or treated for tinnitus in the past but the problems remain unresolved then consider this — you may have neuromuscular imbalances requiring rehabilitation. A tinnitus diagnosis from Dr. Anzalone at CHMRC can tell you if neuromuscular forces are causing your tinnitus.

How Tinnitus Diagnosis Works at CHMRC

Rest assured that CHMRC will make you as comfortable as possible during your diagnostic exam visit. A series of non-invasive testing protocols will be used:

Tinnitus is a complex condition that can either be objective or subjective. The potential causes are many, including neuromuscular imbalances in the head, neck, face, and teeth. Dr. Anzalone will review your tinnitus history and general health history to better understand what factors — accident trauma, sports injury, head injury, etc. — could have contributed to a tinnitus condition. As part of this review, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive health history form.

Due to the frequency of headaches experienced by tinnitus patients, an additional questionnaire that deals with headache history is filled out by patients. Tinnitus sufferers often have chronic daily headaches or even migraines, which is not unexpected. Neuromuscular problems in the head and neck, as well as the teeth and mouth can quite easily cause both conditions to exist simultaneously.

Dr. Anzalone needs to know more about your headache headaches if you have an established history — such as types of headaches, duration, and pain intensity, etc. — to fully explore the link between any headaches/migraines and your tinnitus.

The complex neuromuscular relationships of the jaw, mouth, and face all have an impact on your ears. We know that problems with the nerves and muscles in these areas can cause many pain conditions, and certainly tinnitus.  Bite force analysis allows us to better understand how your neuromuscular forces are related and can expose root causes for tinnitus conditions.

Dr. Anzalone can precisely measure force distributions in your mouth on a tooth-by-tooth basis, which is something only a properly equipped neuromuscular dentist can do.  The measurements he takes can lead to customized tinnitus treatments that eliminate tinnitus.  Imagine an end to the noise!

Muscle tension in the face and jaws, as well as range of motion limitations in the head and neck are of particular interest to the DMRTs and Dr. Anzalone when you are being examined. Limited range of motion is quite common in those who suffer with tinnitus. Range of motion problems can be mapped with digital measurements at CHMRC — and the key is to do so with great precision. Once we know exactly what the functional limitations are we can focus on treating your tinnitus and restoring the lost function at the same time.

Muscle exams are are another important diagnostic tool used at CHMRC. There’s no doubt that tinnitus can be caused by neuromuscular problems and if you have areas of stiffness and muscle soreness it may indicate the presence of trigger points. Trigger points can cause tension headaches, tinnitus, and chronic tension conditions so we need to find them and target them for treatment.

Dr. Anzalone will palpitate the muscles of the head and neck and locate any trigger points that may be present. They will need special rehabilitation attention during your tinnitus treatment sessions.

The data and measurements collected at your diagnostic exam visit will be used to customize a treatment plan suitable for you. Treatment can then begin immediately if desired.

Neuromuscular rehabilitation at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center is a painless and pleasant experience! It may be just the tinnitus treatment you need to end the noise.


Tinnitus Treatment

Comprehensive diagnosis at CHMRC can often uncover the root causes of tinnitus. Read on to learn how our unique approach to tinnitus treatment could be the one thing to end the noise.