What Characterizes Tinnitus and What Can Cause It?

Tinnitus is a condition where individuals experience any of a wide variety of auditory anomalies, such as ear ringing, swooshing noises, white noise, and so on. These noises seem to come from within the ear or inside your head. The intensity of tinnitus can be something of a mere nuisance or it can literally be so intense that it interferes with sleep and the ability to concentrate. It can even cause anxiety and depression.

Tinnitus is often symptomatic of a deeper, more complex condition. While tinnitus can be caused by hearing loss due to age, injuries to the ear, foreign bodies or circulatory issues, it can also be caused by neuromuscular stresses within the dentomandibular complex. Tinnitus is frequently linked to chronic headaches & migraines where neuromuscular and dental force imbalances exist.

Finding Tinnitus Relief Has Been Difficult for Many Who Suffer

Tinnitus is classified as subjective or objective in nature. In subjective tinnitus, only the patient can hear the noises. In objective tinnitus, a physician may hear the noise while doing an examination. In either scenario, the root causes may be straightforward or nearly impossible to identify.

Without a doubt, the key to treating tinnitus is determining the underlying causes which is not easy. However, if there are neuromusdcular forces involved — as they often are — then a comprehensive diagnostic examination for tinnitus at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center may reveal the nature of the problem. Our tinnitus treatment protocols can also help free individuals with neuromuscular force issues from tinnitus suffering.

It is a proven fact that the ears, jaws, teeth, and facial muscles must work together for normal function, and that a tinnitus condition can manifest if they aren't.

The right diagnostic tools can uncover neuromuscular force problems that cause or exacerbate tinnitus -- CHMRC is using such tools to expose those causes.

If you've explored other options and come up empty, perhaps WE may have the tinnitus relief you've been seeking.

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Tinnitus diagnosis at CHMRC is different. We look for things other prividers can't.

Tinnitus Diagnosis at CHMRC

Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center can offer a tinnitus diagnosis methodology that may help you discover major contributing factors to your unique tinnitus condition. If there are neuromuscular force imbalances and dentomandibular issues behind your tinnitus we can find them.

Tinnitus treatmetn at CHMRC in Connecticut may end your ear ringing for good.

Tinnitus Treatment at CHMRC

Tinnitus sufferers that exhibit measurably significant dental force imbalances and related neuromuscular dysfunction may finally find the solution to their tinnitus problem here at CHMRC. Dr. Anzalone has tinnitus treatment protocols that could even bring the noise to an end for the long haul.