Can Our Headache & Migraine Treatments Help You?

There is a strong possibility that headache and migraine treatments at CHMRC would not only help you find pain relief — but that relief could be long-term to permanent.

About 11% or more of U.S. adults suffer with chronic headache and migraine pain. That’s a lot, but most individuals that suffer like this do have detectable neuromuscular force problems that can be corrected. If you live your life with chronic daily headaches, severe migraine pain, or nagging tension headaches, or cluster headaches then you should be diagnosed at CHMRC for neuromuscular problems. If you have them we can offer you a unique migraine and headache treatment approach that does not involve drugs, needles, or surgery. Lasting relief is possible!

CHMRC's Headache & Migraine Treatments

Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center has unique treatment protocols — specifically, headache and migraine treatments that involved no drugs, needles, or invasive surgeries. Below you can learn about the treatment modalities we employ here at CHMRC. Our headache & migraine treatment protocols utilize FDA-approved, proven technologies that can produce long-term pain relief results:

Manual massage techniques are an important part of CHMRC’s headache and migraine treatments. Patients tend to have sub-dermal pockets of tension and pain called trigger points that must be rehabilitated in order to bring an end to headache and migraine pain.

If chronic muscle tension is also experienced by the headache or migraine patient then finding and eliminating those knotty trigger points in the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulders is especially important. We will increase blood flow to those areas and reduce both inflammation and pain with manual massage to the trigger points.

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) is a treatment modality we use at CHMRC. It basically introduces a low-level electrical current into the muscles targeted for treatment. Our Alpha Stim device delivers a microcurrent with a unique waveform that interacts with the bioelectricity in your body to reduce headache or migraine pain frequency and intensity.

Electric stimulation is a powerful tool in treating headache and migraine pain for other reasons. The electrical signals tend to reduce muscle spasms and the chance for referral pain into other areas of the body. We are essentially scrambling the pain signals being sent to your brain while encouraging beneficial nerve stimulation.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to treat the body. It does not hurt, it is not loud and it feels quite nice, actually! Many patients report that ultrasound treatment is a gentle warming sensation and feels like a mild massage session.

Ultrasound technology is such a useful treatment modality to use with chronic headache and migraine pain patients.  When sound waves are sent to sore and stiff muscles it delivers heat, helps restore beneficial blood circulation, and increases blood flow.

The ultrasound device used at CHMRC can penetrate up to 5 inches under the skin, which allows the treatment specialist to treat your headache and migraine trigger points without introducing additional pain.

Cold laser technology is a helpful treatment modality used by CHMRC to treat patients with chronic headaches and migraines, and with good reason. Cold laser can be used to break up knotty trigger points in muscles that are sore and strained that are contributing to headaches and migraines. The red light photons, or infrared light acts on the muscle tissue — both hard and soft tissues — to promote faster healing times and more thorough healing. It reduces pain and inflammation and even helps to reconnect key neurological pathways in those who suffer with conditions like chronic migraine pain, frequent headaches, and numerous other painful conditions.

Rehabilitation orthotics are a feature in our headache and migraine treatment protocols at CHMRC because they are game changers. A rehabilitation orthotic is a mouthpiece designed to manipulate the bite forces and return the muscles in the mouth and jaws to their proper resting positions.

When these interrelated muscles become strained to the point where the neuromuscular force balances are disrupted, pain-free function must then be achieved through muscle manipulations that restore the balance .

Dr. Anzalone can use rehabilitation orthotics to do just that. Several occlusal adjustments will be performed on the device as your headache and migraine treatment course progresses. This is how the bite is retrained and normal function is restored. Use of several other treatment modalities in conjunction with the rehabilitation orthotic device can also provide long-term pain resolution for most headache or migraine sufferers.

Imagine an End to Headache and Migraine Pain

Most people who deal with recurring headache or migraine pain learn to live with it, accepting the pain as part of life. It changes their habits but they get by.

However, those who chronically suffer with headaches and migraines never really learn to deal with the severity of the pain.  It invades their lives. These individuals desperately need relief but drugs and chiropractic care are never enough. Now, what if there were breakthrough headache and migraine treatments that could rehabilitate almost anyone? What would YOU do with freedom from pain?

Truth is, you may no longer need to live with this pain at all. Headache and migraine treatments at CHMRC have helped many like you to live pain-free. Just imagine doing WHAT you want to do, WHEN you want to do it because the migraines and headaches are gone.

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