Breakthrough Headache and Migraine Diagnosis

So many people who currently suffer with chronic headache and migraine conditions don’t understand WHY. Receiving comprehensive headache and migraine diagnosis at CHMRC is the next step in learning why YOU experience headaches or migraines.

Each patient has unique factors contributing to their pain.  Many patients reach out to us because they have expired all other traditional headache and migraine treatment options.

At CHMRC you will get new information and new answers. The diagnostic techniques we employ help us to solve difficult headache and migraine pain problems that other providers could not solve.

How We Diagnose Headache and Migraine at CHMRC

At Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center we employ a series of painless procedures in our headache and migraine diagnosis to uncover the root causes of YOUR headache and migraine pain condition:

It is often the case that events such as head trauma from automobile accidents, or other accidents like sports-related injuries, or previous orthodontic procedures can bring about chronic headache and migraine conditions. A thorough review of your past health can help identify the root causes for headaches and migraines.

Also, looking into your past health in more detail could aid in ruling out specific incidents or factors you may have always suspected were involved in creating your chronic headache or migraine condition.

There are those who have endured headaches and migraines for years or even decades. Perhaps you can already relate to such pain as you have experienced it yourself. Regardless of how long you have suffered, the history of YOUR headache and migraine experiences is very important to Dr. Anzalone in his efforts to diagnose you.

Understanding that history of headache and migraine pain allows Dr. Anzalone to deliver a truly comprehensive diagnosis of your condition. It also leads to the creation of a highly customized treatment program to address your unique rehabilitation needs.

The soft and hard tissues of your face and jaws and teeth must all be working correctly with respect to each other to ensure pain-free functionality. All of these  structures rely on all others and the functional relationships are complex.

Dr. Anzalone relies on the latest dental force analysis technologies to measure your neuromuscular forces. Understanding how the dental forces affect each other — specifically, the way they are distributed — and correspond to the pain one experiences was not possible to this level of precision a few years ago. Now, detailed force relationship data can be accumulated to build 3-dimensional computer models of your dental forces at work. Precisely locating dental force imbalances that require rehabilitation is a critical piece of the puzzle.

Whenever patients experience chronic headaches and migraines there are frequently neuromuscular force (dental force) imbalances present as well. It is almost invariably true that range of motion limitations in the head, neck and jaw will accompany force distribution problems measured within the person suffering with chronic headaches or migraines.

If there are limitations to your range of motion (compared to average) then determining the degree of impairment is crucial to both the treatment protocols selected and the ongoing monitoring of your rehabilitation progress after treatment begins. During the range of motion examination Dr. Anzalone digitally measures and maps the levels of range of motion impairment in you.

Head, neck and face muscles that are constantly sore and stiff are very common in those who also chronically suffer with headache and migraine pain. The areas of soreness and stiffness are also known as trigger points.

Trigger points are essentially just knots in the musculature underneath the epidermis and they can be shallow or deep. Trigger points often cause pain to shoot outward and refer into other areas close by.

Dr. Anzalone performs muscle palpitation exams on his patients to identify their trigger points. Those areas need to receive special attention and therefore will be targeted during treatment.

At Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center our diagnoses include an exploration of pain history, identifying any existing neuromuscular force problems of the Stomatognathic System, and locating trigger points that cause your headache and migraine pain.

Headache treatment and migraine treatments at CHMRC may be the answer.

Headache & Migraine Treatments

Getting a complete diagnosis at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center can lead to headache and migraine treatments that end your pain. Just imagine being pain-free all of the time — no headaches or migraines — and how it can change your life.