Looking for Headache and Migraine Pain Relief?

Here in the U.S., just over 11% of the adult population suffers with persistent headache and migraine pain. Headaches and migraines can manifest in many ways and those who suffer have pain conditions ranging from simple to complex.

Those who endure conditions like chronic daily headaches, frequent migraine episodes (with and without auras), tension headaches and cluster headaches usually have no idea what causes them. They frequently turn to over-the-counter drugs for temporary relief but it never lasts. Then they reach out for professional help and end up with more drugs but no lasting relief.

It’s a vicious cycle of medications, doctors, and disappointment but lasting headache & migraine pain relief IS available.. if only people knew where to find it.

Traditional Headache & Migraine Treatments Usually Fail. WHY?

Headache and migraine doctors, neurologists, chiropractors, therapists and other specialists lead the list of providers that headache and migraine sufferers turn to for help. Why is it SO difficult in today’s day and age of modern medicine and technology to get relief from headaches and migraines? The answer is just as disturbing as the number of people who suffer.

Truth is, most headache and migraine pain conditions involve neuromuscular force imbalances that CAN be corrected with targeted neuromuscular rehabilitation — and most providers know little to nothing about it, so they medicate. At CHMRC we get results without drugs, needles or surgery.

Schedule a diagnostic exam today and find out if you’re a candidate for our headache & migraine treatments. Get your life back!

Recent advances in our understanding of the root causes for migraine and headache pain have dramatically changed the treatment protocols for these conditions.

Most chronic migraines and severe headache conditions are caused by neuromuscular force imbalances and bite force problems.

Balancing the bite and rehabilitating the neuromuscular force problems CAN eliminate the pain.

We diagnose root causes.

We treat you.

We eliminate pain.

Headache and migraine pain relief starts with comprehensive diagnosis at CHMRC.

Headache and Migraine Diagnosis

Get on the path to wellness and get a thorough headache and migraine diagnosis at the Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center. Comprehensive examination can uncover neuromuscular problems that need to be corrected to end your headache or migraine pain.

Headache and migraine pain relief is possible with treatment at CHMRC.

Headache and Migraine Treatment

A comprehensive exam will tell us almost immediately if you are a candidate for neuromuscular rehabilitation. If you are, Dr. Anzalone can create a customized headache and migraine treatment plan to eliminate your pain. CHMRC headache and migraine treatments focus on root causes for pain.