About Chronic Head & Neck Tension Diagnosis

A thorough chronic head and neck tension diagnosis at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center can shed light on the root causes for your pain.

If you have chronic tension in the head and neck just know that all chronic tension sufferers have unique and identifiable neuromuscular force problems that contribute to the pain.

Diagnosis at CHMRC involves discovering the neuromuscular force imbalances at work that are either exacerbating or even directly causing the chronic tension and pain.

How We Diagnose Chronic Head & Neck Tension

At Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center we employ a variety of diagnostics to help us determine the best way to treat your condition for lasting results:

Head and neck muscle tension can be brought on by traumatic circumstances like auto accidents, sports injuries, etc. Alternatively, tension and pain can also be caused by orthodontic procedures that were not perfectly executed by a general dentist. Many other things could make the tension and pain you experience chronic as well — so we begin to explore that history with a comprehensive questionnaire that covers your past and current health experiences.

Exploring your health history can be invaluable in determining the real root causes for your pain. Understanding your health factors will help Dr. Anzalone refine the protocols used to treat your chronic head and neck tension condition.

Neuromuscular dentists understand that there is often a link between chronic head and neck tension and frequent headaches within a patient. Many experience both, and the combined pain and tension can be overwhelming. A headache history review will be done at your diagnostic exam if you also suffer with headaches and/or migraines.

Critical to the successful treatment of any patient is having information that reveals the relational causes. Our diagnostic approach here at CHMRC always seeks to get at the heart of the root causes within you. Correctly treating those root causes could help eliminate the chronic head and neck tension, as well as the tension headaches or migraines.

Bite force analysis is a foundational diagnostic tool here at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center. Chronic head and neck tension originates from neuromuscular force imbalances — and those imbalances can now be measured with great precision. It is possible to restore balance, harmony, and wellness by using the appropriate neuromuscular rehabilitation treatment protocols.

Bite force analysis is done using a t-scan tool, which is inserted into the mouth. When a patient bites down we can immediately learn a great deal about the bite force distributions of his or her teeth. 3-D computer models of those forces are produced for clinical review and analysis. Dr. Anzalone will use this data to customize treatment protocols to your rehabilitation needs.

Limited range of motion is almost always present to some degree in chronic head & neck tension patients.  The degree to which there are limitations must be determined because our chronic tension treatments are designed to restore that lost range of motion AND eliminate pain.

Dr. Anzalone will take precise measurements of your range of motion to ascertain the level of impairment and expose any locations that require additional work at your treatment visits.

Dr. Anzalone regularly examines the muscles of the Stomatognathic System to identify the locations of trigger points so frequently found in chronic head and neck tension patients. Knotted and swollen pockets of distressed muscle tissue are called trigger points and they can cause tension and stiffness in the head and neck regions.

Trigger points are not only painful, but they can also lead to referral pain in other ares of the body. Dr. Anzalone can find the trigger points in you by palpating the muscles of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Any trigger points found will be given special attention during the performance of treatment protocols.

At Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center Dr. Anzalone’s diagnoses are produced by using the measurement data taken at the examination, but with full consideration of the individual’s unique health and pain history. This multidimensional approach can produce more successful treatment outcomes.

Headache treatment and migraine treatments at CHMRC may be the answer.

Chronic Head and Neck Tension Treatment

Comprehensive diagnosis at CHMRC expose the root causes for your chronic tension and pain. Read on to learn how our chronic head and neck tension treatments can rehabilitate you to a pain-free lifestyle.