Stop the Pain with Chronic Head & Neck Tension Treatment

At Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center we offer breakthrough chronic head and neck tension treatment. Our cause-based chronic head & neck tension treatments aim to eliminate the neuromuscular force imbalances that keep you in pain. We help you get it under control — for the long-term.

Key to achieving chronic tension relief on a more permanent basis is getting the proper range of motion and rehabilitating the force problems detected within you upon diagnostic examination. With balance and harmony restored to those problem areas you can look forward to long-term, pain-free function.

The majority of chronic tension patients we treat experience significant tension and pain relief in just a few weeks. A full course of treatment, though, could restore you to health and wellness — with no residual pain or tension.

CHMRC's Chronic Head and Neck Tension Treatment Protocols

CHMRC’s chronic head & neck tension treatments give patients a more natural option for achieving relief that stands the test of time. Dr. Anzalone reviews and carefully explains the diagnostic findings to his patients. he then customizes a treatment plan that involves NO drugs, needles or surgery.

Read on to review the treatment types frequently used at CHMRC to eliminate chronic head and neck tension:

Manual massage is an excellent way to manipulate those sub-dermal pockets of tension in the muscles of the head, neck, face and shoulders — called trigger points — and rehabilitate the body to health and wellness.  Sore and strained muscles absolutely must be handled for chronic head and neck tension to cease.

Manual massage is a pleasant experience, which helps!  Rehabilitating the muscles in this way is a frequent “favorite” modality here at CHMRC.  Nothing wrong with getting chronic tension treatments that make you feel as if you are in a day spa:-)

Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) is a powerful tool for neuromuscular rehabilitation and most chronic head and neck tension patients will receive this form of treatment.  Low-level electrical currents penetrate the the muscles and a microcurrent with a unique waveform is introduced.  The current interacts with the body’s bioelectricity to reduce pain, inflammation, and of course tension.

Electric stim has other positives.  The electrical signals can drastically reduce muscle spasms in chronic tension patients — they loosen the muscles so they can perform their natural function.  Referral pain is also minimized and nerve stimulation encouraged.

Ultrasound is a modality we use to deliver sound waves to the muscles of our chronic head and neck tension patients.  There is no pain or noise with this rehabilitation tool, even though sound waves are used. Ultrasound is both gentle and warming, in fact, and this form of treatment really does feel good!

Ultrasound may feel great to receive, but it is very effective for use in chronic head and neck tension treatment plans. The beneficial sound waves that penetrate strained muscle tissue can restore your circulation and increase your blood flow to promote healing.

Cold laser is also very beneficial and we use it at CHMRC to treat patients with chronic tension. Cold laser allows us to break up knotty trigger points in the muscles to eliminate the soreness and stiffness that contribute to chronic tension conditions that persist. Cold laser devices emit red light photons which act on the hard and soft tissues of your body to speed up the healing process. They also reduce pain and inflammation. while aiding on the reconnecting of neurological pathways.

Chronic head and neck tension problems are frequently rooted in the neuromuscular force imbalances found in the mouth.  It almost seems counter-intuitive that neck and shoulder pain — and chronic tension of the muscles in these areas — would have anything to do with your dental forces.  In fact, they DO.

Whenever the neuromuscular forces of the mouth are severely disrupted, pain-free muscular function is no longer possible without taking steps to eliminate the root cause.  Altering the resting positions of the muscles with rehabilitation orthotics can accomplish the goal by restoring balance and harmony. Using an orthotic device with other beneficial treatment modalities can literally bring you back to the life you had before — one without chronic head and neck tension or pain.

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At Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center our chronic head and neck tension treatments give patients a good reason to smile. If you can’t remember what it was like to live without tension and pain, prepare to be reminded.

We start by providing a comprehensive examination and some testing whereby the root causes for your chronic head and neck tension are revealed. This examination and diagnosis is performed in a single visit that usually lasts around 90 minutes. You will learn a lot about your condition and how we should treat it.

CHMRC diagnostic and treatment protocols are quite different than than you’ll find elsewhere. We do not mask symptoms as most providers do. We focus on root causes for tension and pain, which explains why we so frequently achieve long-term chronic head and neck tension treatment success.

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