How Chronic Head and Neck Tension Usually Starts

First know that chronic head & neck tension relief is something many people seek. It is a fairly widespread problem and it can strike at almost any age — and the reasons for pain and tension vary widely from one sufferer to the next. Perhaps poor posture at work is where it starts for one person, and perhaps for another that poor posture just aggravated an existing muscle tension problem that had been ongoing. Many people develop a painful tension condition from performing repetitive tasks, exercising, or through experiencing traumas to the head, neck, face, teeth, etc. Then again, how it starts is not always known.

Almost invariably true is the fact that when people suffer with chronic tension in the head and neck they usually first turn to over-the-counter or prescription drugs to ease the pain. It’s a temporary fix — one that just can’t last.

Where Does Chronic Tension Come From? How Can It Be Treated?

Chronic head & neck tension relief will only last if its root causes are addressed. Chronic muscle tension in the head and neck finds its root in the general disharmony between functional parts in your Stomatognathic System — i.e. the mouth and jaws, as well as any of the plethora of closely associated structures. The teeth, muscles, jaw bone, ligaments — all are functional parts of your Stomatognathic System.

If you frequently have neck and jaw muscles that are painful and tight, and you regularly experience dull or shooting pains in your head, face, neck and shoulders you first need a precision diagnosis. Sore and strained muscles can and should be rehabilitated —- all without needles or prescription painkillers.

It really doesn't matter how you developed a chronic tension problem. There are proven head and neck tension treatments available NOW that could end your pain.

Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center uses pioneering diagnostic technologies to understand the root causes of your tension and pain.

With treatment at CHMRC, chronic head & neck tension relief may be achievable in under 3 months.

No more tension.

No more pain.

Long-term relief.

Head and neck pain caused by chronic tension can be eliminated by Dr. Anzalone at CHMRC.

Chronic Head & Neck Tension Diagnosis

A complete and fresh diagnosis of each patient for their unique chronic head & neck tension condition is the first step. Everyone’s condition is unique. So many parts need to be working correctly with each other for normal, pain-free function. the precise neuromuscular forces involved must be identified.

CHMRC offers head and neck pain treatment for chronic tension conditions.

Chronic Head & Neck Tension Treatment

Neuromuscular rehabilitation can go a long way toward eliminating chronic head and neck tension permanently. After the the initial diagnostic exam, Dr. Anzalone creates a customized treatment program where root causes for your chronic head & neck tension — NOT just symptoms — are targeted.