Severe Headache and Migraine Pain

Are you suffering from chronic daily headaches or migraines and just need to find a way to break free? If so, know that there are individuals like just you who have already been helped. Some had even endured severe headache and migraine pain for decades and yet they no longer suffer.

New diagnostic technologies are finally exposing the root causes for most headache and migraine conditions and drug-free treatment protocols are now available. If you suffer with any conditions or symptoms below then Connecticut Headache & Relief Center may be exactly what you need to get your life back:

  •  Chronic Daily Headaches

  •  Chronic Tension Headaches

  •  Cluster Headaches

  •  Medication Overuse Headaches

  •  Migraines with Aura

  •  Migraines without Aura

  •  Menstrual Migraines

  •  Migraines with Chronic Tension

TMD - TMJ Pain and Face Pain Conditions

Are you among the millions of people who live with TMJ pain and jaw problems? Do you experience face pain that can’t be explained? If you must constantly cope with these conditions then you know just how difficult it is to chew, swallow, or yawn — simple things that most are lucky enough to take for granted.

TMD / TMJ pain, jaw discomfort, and unexplained face pain are bad enough, but without corrective TMJ treatment a disorder of the Temporomandibular Joints can be degenerative in nature and worsen as time goes by. Get evaluated for TMD immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:

  •  Pain when chewing or eating

  •  Pain when yawning or speaking

  •  Jaws that click and/or pop

  •  Grinding, whether painful or not

  •  Limited jaw range of motion

  •  Regular headaches/migraines

  •  Chronic head & neck tension

  •  Facial muscle stiffness

Chronic Tension in the Head and Neck

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration associated with chronic pain, soreness, and stiffness in your head and neck muscles then you probably wish you had a magic wand you could wave to end the suffering. You would not be alone, either. You see, most people that have this kind of pain CAN’T get rid of it no matter how much they fidget, reposition their heads, or drug themselves.

Eating, sleeping, sitting… are all painful propositions, and that pain follows you wherever you go. Drugs can mask the pain for a while, but we may have a more permanent option. Consider getting evaluated at Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center if you have any of the following symptoms:

  •  Chronic neck tension & pain

  •  Chronic head tension & pain

  •  Head & neck fatigue

  •  Frequent facial tightness

  •  Painful knots in head or neck

  •  Persistent tension headaches

Tinnitus (Noise / Ringing in the Ears)

One of the biggest problems facing healthcare providers in diagnosing and treating tinnitus conditions is the myriad of potential causes. They include but are not limited to: past trauma to the head or the ears, foreign objects, allergies that affect the ears, regular exposure to loud noises, inner ear infections, and bite force problems.

Tinnitus also presents in different ways and the of potential symptoms a tinnirus sufferer may experience is long. Because Tinnitus is so often subjective and unique to the sufferer, testing and diagnosis utilizing standard audiological diagnostics may not indicate a root cause. Let CHMRC evaluate you if you experience any of the following:

  •  Ringing in the ears

  •  Whooshing noises

  •  Hissing or ‘white noise’

  •  Clicking and popping sounds

  •  Whistling or roaring noises

  •  Tingling sensation in the ear

  •  Pulsing or throbbing

  •  Any of these with pain

Dr. Anzalone Talks About CHMRC

Listen to Dr. Anzalone talk about what Connecticut Headache & Migraine Relief Center is able to do for those who suffer with chronic pain conditions, You’ll also hear directly from the patients themselves as they talk about their experiences.

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